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The newest “Star Trek” movie may help the franchise live long and prosper… continue reading this Movie Review.


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As I mentioned in my previous post, I have been a fan of “Star Trek: the Next Generation” since childhood. The new movie, “Star Trek,” due out Friday, is bringing out my inner-geek.

My all-time favorite character from the Star Trek franchise is Data, played brilliantly by Brent Spiner. When I was a child, Data intrigued me simply because he was a robot, but as I grew older, I realized it was his unyielding fascination with human beings that makes the character so enjoyable. In Data’s desire to unravel the mystery of what it is to be human, we, as the human audience, discover a little something about ourselves.

Some of my most beloved episodes involve Data delving into the character of Sherlock Holmes while on the holodeck. Like Data, Holmes is always rational and logical, and Holmes is probably the one human Data  ever really figured out.

My second favorite character was Q. John de Lancie played this puzzling, God-like alien, who liked to pop on board the Enterprise whenever he felt like mucking around. He especially liked to goad the usually unflappable Captain Picard. Episodes featuring Q provided some of the most entertaining shows in the series.

Who was your favorite character?

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My father was a fan of the original “Star Trek” series, and introduced my brother and me to Captain Kirk and Spock when we were still wee children.  But it wasn’t the original series that held my unswerving attention. As an adolescent I was a huge fan of “Star Trek: The Next Generation.”  I’ve seen every episode at least twice and in an admission of my inner-geek, I am collecting each season on DVD.  

The new movie, simply entitled “Star Trek,” will open in two days, and my excitement is mixed with a bit of apprehension. The previews seem to target a teen audience, but previews can be misleading. The casting is an odd mixture; you will recognize many of the faces, but not be able to put names to all of them.

Chris Pine has been cast as a young Captain Kirk. Unfortunately, for those who sat painfully through “Bottle Shock,” it is obvious Pine won’t be winning an Oscar anytime soon – the moment he opens his mouth the blond haired, blue eyed hunk exemplifies the California surfer dude stereotype. Perhaps this won’t matter, as William Shatner wasn’t known for his elegant prose or excellent acting abilities.

There were several good picks by the studio.  Simon Pegg, a very funny British actor, plays Scotty. “Heroes” bad boy Zachary Quinto (“Heroes” Sylar) looks like he will play a convincing young Spock.  Eric Bana, excellent Australian actor (and handsome), has also been cast in the new film. Winona Ryder snagged herself a role in the film, a competent actress before she became better known for thieving undies from Sack’s 5th Avenue.  A slew of young stars will appear, along with Lenard Nimoy (I heard rumors of William Shatner’s displeasure at not being asked to appear, but this is unsubstantiated).  

J.J. Abrams directed this movie, which is being promoted as an action-packed thrill ride.

Will this “Star Trek” delight or disappoint?  We shall see, but I will be in line on Friday, with the rest of the Trekkies – I will be the one not in a Star Fleet uniform.

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I must admit, I was a childhood fan of the “X-Men” television cartoon, and I have enjoyed the three previous “X-Men” movies. If you are unaware of the “X-Men,” it was a superhero team comprised of mutants, first appearing in a Marvel comic named… read the rest of this review.

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The original script title for this movie was “Let’s Make Friends,” perhaps not as catchy, but a good description of the storyline. Peter Klaven (Paul Rudd), is a straight-laced Las Angeles real estate agent who has just proposed to … read the rest of this review.

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What is our country coming to?  My favorite show on television is being replaced tonight by a debate.  Yes, a DEBATE. Nerds across America may be applauding, but I’m totally hooked on Thursday night television.

I would much rather spend my evening watching Dwight kiss Michael’s ass than have my ass kissed by two Vice-Presidential candidates. I’d rather have commercials promise me thinner thighs rather than a Vice-Presidential candidate promise me a list of things he/she cannot and will never deliver. I’d rather watch the cast of “Survivor Africa” try to outrun a pack of wild elephants than a Vice-Presidential candidate tell me how he/she is going to save us from the elephants (and by elephants, I mean terrorists). 

I want television that makes me laugh, not a Vice-Presidential debate that will probably bring me to tears or rage (it’s usually a toss up). 

Thank god for my TiVo (actually I have a DVR, but TiVo just sounds so much cooler) -hopefully I have an old episode of “The Office” stored somewhere. 

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Am I the only person not excited about this season’s “Heroes?”

I recorded last night’s season opener and just watched it. I loved this show during the first season. The second season was okay, and now it looks like all the characters are going to switch sides – the good guys/gals become the villains and the villains become good guys/gals.

Quite frankly, I just don’t care any more. The storyline seems to be getting more and more convoluted. I will continue watching, but I hope this season gets better or else my DVR will have more free space this Fall.

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