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This movie is a sequel to the 2006 movie “Night at the Museum.” In the first movie, Larry Daly (Ben Stiller) discovers the museum he guards comes to life at night, thanks to… continue reading this Movie Review.


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I must admit, I was a childhood fan of the “X-Men” television cartoon, and I have enjoyed the three previous “X-Men” movies. If you are unaware of the “X-Men,” it was a superhero team comprised of mutants, first appearing in a Marvel comic named… read the rest of this review.

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I’ve been watching preview for this movie for what seems like a year. The original release date was December 2008, but for some reason it was pushed to April 24, 2009. The movie is the true story of L.A. Times columnist Steve Lopez (Robert Downey Jr.), who discovers a homeless man playing a violin on the streets of Los Angeles. The homeless man, Nathanial Anthony Ayers (Jamie Foxx), isn’t an average street performer… read the rest of this review.

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The previews for this movie boasted, “brought to you by the creators of ‘Superbad,’” but this movie is very different. I never got around writing a review of “Superbad,” but I wasn’t a fan of the movie. It was occasionally amusing, but I found most of the jokes to be at best, sophomoric, and at worst, downright disgusting.


Obviously, I had low expectations for “Adventureland.” Read the rest of this review.

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I had high hopes for this movie. First, I was excited to see Tony Gilroy associated with this film. He was the writer/director behind my favorite movie of 2007, “Michael Clayton.” He has also a screenwriter on the Bourne film franchise.


Second, Julia Roberts will always hold a special place in my heart… read the rest of this review.

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Marley & Me

Film National Board Awards

Slumdog Millionaire

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The original script title for this movie was “Let’s Make Friends,” perhaps not as catchy, but a good description of the storyline. Peter Klaven (Paul Rudd), is a straight-laced Las Angeles real estate agent who has just proposed to … read the rest of this review.

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