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My father was a fan of the original “Star Trek” series, and introduced my brother and me to Captain Kirk and Spock when we were still wee children.  But it wasn’t the original series that held my unswerving attention. As an adolescent I was a huge fan of “Star Trek: The Next Generation.”  I’ve seen every episode at least twice and in an admission of my inner-geek, I am collecting each season on DVD.  

The new movie, simply entitled “Star Trek,” will open in two days, and my excitement is mixed with a bit of apprehension. The previews seem to target a teen audience, but previews can be misleading. The casting is an odd mixture; you will recognize many of the faces, but not be able to put names to all of them.

Chris Pine has been cast as a young Captain Kirk. Unfortunately, for those who sat painfully through “Bottle Shock,” it is obvious Pine won’t be winning an Oscar anytime soon – the moment he opens his mouth the blond haired, blue eyed hunk exemplifies the California surfer dude stereotype. Perhaps this won’t matter, as William Shatner wasn’t known for his elegant prose or excellent acting abilities.

There were several good picks by the studio.  Simon Pegg, a very funny British actor, plays Scotty. “Heroes” bad boy Zachary Quinto (“Heroes” Sylar) looks like he will play a convincing young Spock.  Eric Bana, excellent Australian actor (and handsome), has also been cast in the new film. Winona Ryder snagged herself a role in the film, a competent actress before she became better known for thieving undies from Sack’s 5th Avenue.  A slew of young stars will appear, along with Lenard Nimoy (I heard rumors of William Shatner’s displeasure at not being asked to appear, but this is unsubstantiated).  

J.J. Abrams directed this movie, which is being promoted as an action-packed thrill ride.

Will this “Star Trek” delight or disappoint?  We shall see, but I will be in line on Friday, with the rest of the Trekkies – I will be the one not in a Star Fleet uniform.


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Am I the only person not excited about this season’s “Heroes?”

I recorded last night’s season opener and just watched it. I loved this show during the first season. The second season was okay, and now it looks like all the characters are going to switch sides – the good guys/gals become the villains and the villains become good guys/gals.

Quite frankly, I just don’t care any more. The storyline seems to be getting more and more convoluted. I will continue watching, but I hope this season gets better or else my DVR will have more free space this Fall.

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It’s almost here.  We’ve waited all summer for our favorite programs and our wait is nearly over.

There are only a couple shows I’m really excited about.  The first one is “Pushing Up Daisies.” 

This clever, outside-the-box show was hit hard by the writers’ strike.  I wasn’t sure it would make it out alive (punny, if you watch the show), but apparently it has.  The show is about Ned (Lee Pace), a pie maker who has an unusual talent.  If he touches a dead person he can make them come alive (Jesus-style). However, there’s a catch.  If he touches the same person after he has “brought them back to life” the person will die again.  He and Private Investigator Emerson Cod (Chi McBride) have put Ned’s odd talent to use by investigating strange murder cases in hopes of finding the murderer (and in hopes of getting a cash reward).  The vivacious and busty Kristin Chenoweth and girl-next-door cutie Anna Friel round out the brilliant cast.

The show unfolds as a sort of adult-oriented fairytale (and I don’t mean salacious fairytale).  The creators have developed an imaginary world that is peculiar and strangely mesmerizing. Starting on October 1st, the show will make it’s long awaited comeback to ABC.

The next show I’ve been eagerly anticipating has been moved from CBS to the Travel Channel.  I’ve been watching The Amazing Race for about six of the eleven seasons.  The race around the world starts tomorrow night (Sept. 3). 

The show involves teams of two who race around the world (literally), completing challenges along the way.  The first team to make it to the final destination wins $1,000,000.  It’s an inside look at the interpersonal dynamics between people and an interesting view of the world.  The only issue I have with the show are some of the bad mannered contestants.  Some contestants fit too perfectly into the “rude American” stereotype that my husband and I work to debunk when we travel abroad.

The show is a never ending source of entertainment for my husband and I.  On our last trip to Mexico we were late getting to our Cozumel ferry.  As we ran through the streets of Playa Del Carmen, backpacks and humidity weighing us down, we joked about being on The Amazing Race.  In my pretend-turned-to-real excitement, I ran right past the ticket collector at the ferry gate.  The poor guard must have thought I was trying to rush past without paying and he ran after me crying, “Senorita, Senorita!”  It was more than a little embarrassing.  But if we had been on The Race, we’d have kicked butt!

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