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I have added a page to Book Reviews entitled BOOK REVIEWS on Books I never Finished.  This was inspired by the realization that I don’t ever finish books I don’t like, so most book reviews on this blog are all going to be fairly complimentary to the title. 

I am starting a list of books I didn’t finish – read my first entry at: BOOK REVIEWS on Books I never Finished


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This movie won Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor in a Supporting Role and Writing (adapted screenplay).  Find out whether I agreed with the Academy: No Country for Old Men.

As a side note, the 80th Academy Awards aired last Sundy. It received the all-time lowest rating for an Academy Award show. Quite frankly, it was boring.  I say, get rid Jon Stewart. He was not funny. Bring back Billy Crystal or Ellen Degeneres – anyone but Jon Stewart!!! 

And as for the dresses, BORING.  I actually heard some people mooning over Cameron Diaz, but I think she looked like a shell. See pic here.  Other loved Anne Hathaway’s red number, but I thought it was awful –  it appeared to me the designer got interrupted or just gave up.  See pic here.  

My vote would be for Marion Cotillard, see pic. She looked beautifully French. If you haven’t seen La Vie En Rose, her portrayal of the legendary Edith Piaf is extraordinary and she deservedly took home Best Actress in a Leading Role.

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The judge has spared Rolo’s life.  He is ordering the dog into obedience classes and the owner’s 90 day jail sentence has been suspended.

Thankfully, this debacle has come to an end and Common Sense prevailed.

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Rolo’s Owner Found Guilty, Dog May Be Destroyed
Raj Chohan, Reporter

ARVADA, Colo. (CBS4) ― A jury in Arvada convicted Laura Hagan Tuesday afternoon of having a dangerous dog. Her German shepherd, Rolo, attacked a woman and her son last August.

Rolo attacked Kathy Hardin and her 14-month-old son. Her dress was torn and she was bruised and scratched, according to court records.

After the attack, a city judge ruled Rolo should be destroyed, especially after neighbors of Hardin said Rolo was dangerous. A stay of execution was ordered, which led to the trial.

Hagan disagreed, saying “I don’t think two scratches justify death.”

Hardin said the attack left her with puncture wounds and bruises and required months of physical therapy.

A judge will now decide if Rolo will be destroyed after the guilty verdict. He has been in custody for months.

The judge said he won’t decide Rolo’s fate Tuesday.

ARTICLE from www.CBS4.com

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No verdict yet, but today a judge will determine whether Rolo the dog will be executed as a result of an incident in Arvada, Colorado.

I will post the result when it is released.

Keep your fingers crossed for Rolo.  A dog should not have to give his life because of the stupidity of human beings – and that goes for all the humans involved in this case.  It’s a good reminder to keep your dog on a leash at all times!!!  We live in a sue-happy, sue-quick society… as I said in my former post, DOG OWNERS BEWARE. 

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The Coen brothers’ No Country for Old Men, won big tonight, taking home the Oscar for Best Picture, Director, Actor in a Supporting Role and Writing (adapted screenplay). 

Thankfully, I did manage to see the movie this afternoon before the big show.  I was rooting for Michael Clayton, but thought No Country for Old Men was quite good and I will work to get my review up within 48 hours. 

Happily, Atonement, a film I reviewed as over-rated, only walk away with one Oscar, despite the enormous hype. It won the the musical score category. Also happily, There will be Blood, wasn’t even nominated in the category; if you’ve read my review you will already know I was irritated by that movie’s musical score. 

I agree with both Actress and Actor in a leading role winners, Marion Cotillard, for her portrayal as Edith Piaf in La Vie en Rose, and Daniel Day-Lewis in There will be Blood.  Both roles were incredibly well-acted and portrayed true depth of acting ability on the part of both actors. 

Juno took home the award I predicted and the one it deserved, Best Original Screenplay.

To read the entire list of winners go to www.oscar.com.

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I went to the drive-thru for coffee this morning. When I pulled up to the window the cheery barista worker informed me that the woman who had just gone through before had paid for my Irish Cream Americano. Surprised, I drove to work, drinking my free coffee and trying to remember the last time something like this happened to me (never) and how I could pay this kind deed forward. Also, I wondered what inspired the woman in the non-descript, bumper-sticker free gold minivan to buy me coffee; had a stranger done the same for her the week before, had she just watched the movie Pay it Forward, had she just won the lotto?  If someone had done this for her in the past, when did this “buying the stranger behind you a coffee” thing start?  It could have been years ago or last week, but I’d bet this chain of kindness I have now been linked to has been going on for awhile.

The irony here is the woman in front of me did not know I have the ability to broadcast this random act of kindness to a wide audience; she could not have known I am a blogger and write for a local newspaper.  It just goes to show – you just never know how a random act of kindness may develop or blossom beyond just a free cup of coffee.

In this current climate of economic insecurities, political squabbling and winter doldrums it made my day to receive a cup of coffee from a total stranger and I can’t wait to pay it forward. Can you imagine how much nicer the world would be if each person performed one small, random act of kindness for another person every week?

If you’ve received a random act of kindness in the past, please let me know about it!! 

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